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In the past we have always heard that Hedgehogs need a diet that is high in protein and low in fat and that high quality cat foods should list ingredients such as real meat, like chicken, lamb, or turkey, as the first ingredient.


According to the internet a hedgehog’s best diet consists mainly of chicken and to avoid foods that have fillers such as corn, wheat, rice, or meat by-products if it is the first ingredient on the list.


We used to use specific brands:  Blue Wilderness Chicken for Kitten that is high protein/low fat. I would also feed my mama's Purina One as Chicken is listed as the 1st ingredient and the high fat content was supposed to be good for nursing mamas and young babies that are weaning. .....  however, over the last several years and lots of professional opinions we have understood the damage that processed crunchy cat food has on our hedgehogs’

little intestines and instead of recommending that

cat food be the main ingredient, and that insects be

a supplement to the hedgehogs’ diets, we have

reversed that and have made insects their main



We find that our hedgehogs are now living

longer, healthier lives and less vet visits /problems

later in life. We encourage our clients to do the same. 

We have a special blend of bugs that is freeze

dried and natural to these little critters.... after all,

They are insectivores!  


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Our Insectivore Food

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Tucson Hedgehogs Insectivore Diet Options