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Tucson Hedgehogs

Cage Accessories 


Hedgehogs need plenty of exercise, so an all plastic wheel is necessary.  The wheel should have a solid running surface and a sturdy base.  


DO NOT use the wire wheels commonly sold for hamsters at pet stores.


 Hedgehogs enjoy going thru tubes and tunnels along with burrowing.  

Tucson Hedgehogs Enrichment Options 

Food And Water Bowls


Hedgehogs like to burrow so add a thick layer of bedding to your habitat. Aspen, pine or paper shavings are another great choice. 

Tucson Hedgehogs uses pine shavings as we find it easy to clean, inexpensive and I enjoy watching hedgehogs burrow, roll and play in the shavings.

*Cedar shavings should be avoided as they are toxic to hedgehogs* 

Some people prefer to use fleece.  If you choose to use fleece, pile a multitude of cut pieces so your hedgehog can still burrow.  The fleece must be spot cleaned daily, and washed every 1-2 days.  

Tucson Hedgehogs Bedding Options 

Hedgie Hide Houses and Snuggle Bags 

Hedgehog Toys