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65 gallon Dragon Terrarium

Glass terrariums are the preferred choice of professional dragon keepers.

They offer the best viewing for your animal.

They are suitable maintaining temperature and humidity requirements and conditions, they are also hygienic and easy to clean.

Glass also maintains the correct heat gradient more safely and easily-maintaining the correct heat gradient is critical to a reptile’s well-being.

All Repriles use the external heat sources in their environment to regulate their body temperatures and assists and aid in digestion.

In the wild these animals move around within their habitat (from sunlight to shade, or from above ground to burrows, for example) to regulate their body temperature. If they get too cool, their metabolism slows (and in conditions that are too hot or too cold, they enter states of inactivity or hibernation).

Maintaining the appropriate temperature is vital to bodily functions such as digestion. It is important to provide the proper temperature conditions in order for the animal to grow and thrive.

For many reptiles, it is not simply a matter of providing a constant temperature, however. They require a thermal gradient, or a range of temperatures from a high end to a low end. Thus, the animal can move to a higher temperature or lower temperature to suit its needs at any given time.

67 Gallon Baby and Juvinial Dragon Terrarium

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