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Tucson Hedgehogs Dried Mealworm Treat


This treat is high in calcium and a Hedgie Favorite.


These dried critters are great for insectivores


We believe that a proper balanced diet is the ultimate healthiest lifestyle choice for any pet.


Ingredients: dried Mealworms



This Dried Mealworm Treat Tray it is Not meant to be a hedgie’s daily food source.


We researched and created a balanced hedgehog medley of healthy ingredients, that are aimed and based specifically on a hedgehog’s nutritional needs and requirements - check out our “Tucson Hedgehogs Insectivore Grub” -


Our hedgie food containers are airtight, allowing our Insectivore Grub to have a 5 year Shelf-Life.


We allow local pick-ups or we can ship Anywhere!!

Dried Mealworms - Treat

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