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Tucson Hedgehog Dubia Roach Keeper Kit

Everything you need to keep your Dubia roaches fat and happy before feeding them to your Hedgie or reptile!

Kit Includes:

11" x 7" x 8" Escape Proof Plastic Tank

Removable Vented Lid(color could vary)

Roach Food

Water beads

Roach Vitamins - Repti Calcium with D3

feeding and water dish

egg crate

Dubia roaches are also known as orange-spotted roaches hailing from Central & South America.

Dubia are very nutritious as they have a high meat to shell ratio.

Dubia contain 22% protein and 283ppm calcium making them a great feeder.

They don't bite, don't smell, live up to two years, and don't carry parasites.

They are easily gut-loaded due to their very long digestive tract.

Tucson Hedgehog Dubia Roach Keeper Kit

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