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Sandblasted tree branch makes a great centerpiece.

Great accessory for arid or woodland terrariums.

Provides a safe basking spot for your critter.

Woodland animals will love the warmth this wood absorbs and distributes.

Perfect for bearded dragons, uromastyx and other arid species.

Keeping an arid or woodland terrarium is all about keeping your reptiles warm and happy without overheating. Putting Galapagos Walking Wood Grapevine Branches in your terrarium ensures your bearded dragons, uromastyx and other arid species get the best environment possible and a cozy home. These thick pieces of grapevine give your reptiles places to bask, climb and live their best reptile lives!

Galapagos Walking Wood Grapevine Branch Reptile Terrarium Accessory, 19-24-in

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