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Over 10 Years ago, we made our first Shuffle Dig Box for our family Hedgehog.


We were surprised to find that she absolutely loved her toys and burrowing in the shuffle box!


We Made  a sturdy container that is containing Hedgehog safe cut fleece fabric,  hedgie sized stuffed animal friends , and tons of  fun fluffy play-balls, crinkle toys, hedgie spirals and even more.


We found that all our Hedgehogs absolutely love all these different textures and the variety of toys. Nightly we would see her dragging her new beloved toys around her habitat, and annointing constantly.


These adorable shuffle bins allow your hedgie to really explore thier natural instincts. They also help facilitate a hedgie bonding with thier human and thier enviroment.


Available to personalize your shuffle box with your hedgehog’s name - Additional $10 

Hedgehog Shuffle Box- $30

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