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We are So sorry you are needing to re-home your hedgehog

We do absolutely allow families to surrender their pet hedgehogs into our rescue at any point for any reason.

Our requirements for hedgehog surrender;

1- ALL belongings including cage, food, toys, and any other accessories are donated to Tucson Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation to be given to the new foster family

2 - (not required) Current Veterinarian exam within 30 days of surrender- if this can not be provided, we UNDERSTAND,

3- Starting 2020 Tucson Hedgehogs will require a $100 surrender fee. This payment will go towards our home vet to preform the hedgie exam. This exam will be preformed prior to having the surrendered hedgie be placed with one of our volunteer foster families. These funds are also directed to assisting our volunteer foster families. Assisting in the funds and means to provide adequate hedgie housing, accessory, and ultimately assisting in providing the best life possible for our foster Hedgehogs.

3- Full history (to the best of your knowledge) on past medical, previous families, reason for surrender, and pictures of current habitat set up and the hedgie being surrendered into our rescue.

Hedgehog Surrender Fee

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