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Hedgie Snuggle Hoodie -

That’s fantastic hoodie is made of 100% cotton. It is double lined and Machine washable.

All hoodies are made to order.

Our hedgehogs absolutely love these cuddle hoods.

Wear your hedgehog throughout the day!! You could be doing chores, going grocery shopping, or just while you are hanging around the house.

Inside of the Hedgehog hood, your hedgehog will hear and bond to the sound of your voice, the scent of your skin, and the sound of your heartbeat.

These bonding hoods are perfectly designed for interacting and creating your special hedgehog -human bond.

Soft, comfortable, washable. 100% cotton material handmade to order.

Can ship anywhere in the USA.

Additional $10 to personalize your hood with your Hedgehog’s name .

Hedgie snuggle hoodie

Color: Red
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