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The Mojave Reptile Lounge features front sliding, glass doors for easy access and cleaning, a large, mesh screen top to accommodate most UV and heat lamp set-ups and vented side panels for optimal ventilation.

This reptile lounge habitat unit is made with ECOFLEX, a proprietary composite blend of recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fiber by products that make up a durable and moisture resistant material.

ECOFLEX is easy to clean and does not retain odor. This unit is not watertight and should not be used for animals that need to have standing water in their enclosures.

The top of the unit is wire mesh and intended to support heat & UV lamps.

Customers can place heat/UV lamps on the wire portion of the top of the unit. Heat lamps SHOULD NOT touch the ECOFLEX material please refer to assembly instructions.

Plus, the New Age Pet Mojave Reptile Lounge is backed by an unrivaled 10-year limited manufacturer warranty! ECOFLEX material is not chew-proof. Available in multiple sizes; 24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch.

Mojave Reptile Habitat Lounge

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