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Ms.Jabba was purchased from a Facebook advertisement .

We met with a young man in a Walmart parking lot in Phoenix in June of 2019.

We were told he had never handled her except for the to and from bath transportation.

He was feeding her by throwing a couple dozen crickets in her cage, but was not sure if she was eating them.

He had her in a 40 gallon covered aquarium, that had a fish light hood, no basking bulb, and one low wattage UVB light.

He was under the impression that a basking light was optional but a black/red light was needed for night time.

Needless to say, Her husbandry situation, needed to be upgraded and addressed immediately.

Jabba was a bit underweight when we acquired her, but she gained it quickly.

Jabba has been on a weight watcher diet since she was six months old.

Ms.Jabba - NFS -

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