Adoption price $300

Orange Dot Boy - Brillow’s Babies Born February 1st 2022

This is a recessive pinto with a super light face.

He is a active little dude.

He has dark quills with the minor pinto undertones.

He has dark feet, one dark ear, one two-tone ear, and some fancy eyeliner. He has almost freckling on his arms

His personality is very active and efficient. He is a busybody and just like his brothers and a real go-getter.

This little guy would be an amazing hedgehog to do some DIY mazes and games with.

What a fun little dude.

Non-Refundable Reserve Deposit is $50 (plus a $5 CC service fee)- All Sales and Adoptions Are Final

Adoption price $300- Balance Due At Pick up

Birthday 2/1/ 22

Orange Dot Boy - Adoption Fee is $300