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Tucson Hedgehogs

​We Are Your One Stop Hedgehog Shop!

Welcome to Tucson Hedgehogs, your one hedgie stop shop.

We currently have TONS of hedgehogs available for adoption. We have a very flexible adoption calendar. 


We allow families to choose their hedgehogs in person based on personality or you can adopt online by the hedgie picture by clicking the “adopt now”.

Choosing Your Hedgie 

We require a non-refundable $50 deposit (included in the adoption fee) to reserve your adoption pick up time.

Your $50 deposit is redeemable for up to one year.

Once the deposit is placed, you will receive a link to schedule your adoption pick up.

 We are unlike most breeders; we do have habitat requirements (all are clearly listed on “Adoption Steps” page)

If you are choosing to go through our habitat approval process, pictures will be due by 8pm the night prior to the scheduled pickup time.

We do also offer to do your shopping for you.


We have “same day” full habitat kits as well as a variety that can be shipped directly to your address.

You can reserve a specific baby based on looks, or you can come and choose in person.



Tucson Hedgehogs Rescue and Surrendered Hedgies  

These Hogs have been surrendered to our rescue  for a variety of reasons.

Each Hedgie has gone through a medical quarentune, our temperment evaluation and our fantastic foster rehabilitation program. 

Ages and backgrounds are not always known on these hogs. 

Click on the hedgehog's picture to read the bio.

Some may need experienced hands.