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Tucson Bearded Dragons

Habitat Requirements 

Bearded Dragon's perfect set up would include: 

  • 75-gallon wooden or plastic tank The Bigger is Better!

    • Our bare minimum size is 36″ x 12″ x 18″ ​​

  • 50 - 150 watt dome-head UVA basking bulb ( watt is depending on size of the enclosure)

  • Tube shape UVB light secured underneath the mesh lid.

  • Appropriate Substrate 

  • Two dishes for food and water.

Humidity: Between 30% to 40%

Lighting: UVB tube light and 75w UVA basking light

Temperature: 95-100℉ (high) and 75℉ (low)



Bearded Dragaons need lots of room, vertically and horizontally. 


A Bio House is a great option for Dragons. It provides a natural enclosure with living organisums in the soil as well as live plants.

Want to learn more? 

We carry full dragon habitat kits that include the enclosure and all accesories needed for your dragon.

Click Here to view the variety of options we carry. 

Lighting and Heating 

Your drago  will require some very special lighting.

You will need to supply a UVB fluorescent bulb which is necessary for the metabolism of vitamin D3. We recommend using the strip UVB as it allows the entire cage to be in the UV spectrum 


Your bearded dragon will also need a reptile daylight basking bulb.

The size light you need in watts is depending on the size tank, and how far away your dragon's basking spot is. 

 You should not use heat rocks because they can potentially form hot spots that could burn your reptile.

If you see your dragon gaping (sitting with its mouth open) in the cool side, you will need to check your cage temperatures. Your dragon can be gaping to help control thier body temperature if sitting in the basking light. 


Cage Substrate 

Cage Substrate can depend on if your habitat will be a bio house, or more or a sterile enviroment. both have the pros and cons.

Cage Cleaners

Cleaning your cage can be a pain. Using the right cleaning equipment can make the job qick, safe, and efficient. 

Food and Water Bowls  

Your Dragon will need daily greens, bugs, and water. Here are some great options for your cage. 

Dragon Hide Houses 

In order to feel safe, your dragon will need a place to hide and sleep. Here are some of our favorite options 

Fun Cage Additonals  

Additonal Accesories 

Some of these things may make your life easier with maintaining your habitat