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Tucson Hedgehogs Rescue and Rehab 101


African pygmy hedgehogs, once dubbed the “Superpet of the ’90s,” have recently become even more popular!

Big Thanks to TV commercials that feature The irresistibly adorable live hedgehogs, hedgehog video games, the ever increasingly popular hedgie merchandise, ect.  

 “Unfortunately, like the fate of Dalmatians following the craze spawned by the movie 101 Dalmatians, many hedgehogs purchased on impulse are discarded or abandoned when the reality sets in that they are not the ideal pet for every family,” says Donnasue Graesser, Ph.D., a representative of the New Haven, Connecticut-based Hedgehog Welfare Society (HWS). 

To combat this problem, Tucson Hedgehogs aims to protect the well-being of these adorable pets through owner education and when needed, hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation.

One of the primary goals of Tucson Hedgehogs is to educate potential hoglett guardians about the considerations they should make PRIOR to adoption.


TH has an ever growing network of approved Hogletts Foster Mums and Dads  who will provide foster and/or permanent care for unwanted hedgehogs throughout the United States.

Tucson Hedgehogs provides each new Hoglett foster family a ATI Pure Basic Kit, a care package, which includes food, cage accessories and information on hoglet's care and maintenance.

Although hedgehogs aren’t quite as cuddly as kittens and puppies, they are truly special animals who deserve comfortable, safe and permanent homes, complete with snuggles and their most favored Mealworm treat

Tucson Hedgehogs Rescue and Rehabilitation Program 

Need To Surrender Your Hedgehog? 

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