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Step By Step On How To Adopt A Baby

Thank you for your interest in our baby hedgehogs. 

 Adopting from us is very easy and in under 5 minutes you can be guaranteed a baby hedgehog!


Step One: 

Choosing your Hoglett 

To choose a baby, please visit our "Available Babies" page where we post updated videos and pictures of each of the Hedgehogs that are ready for their new homes.  


When you have identified a baby hedgehog you would like to adopt, You can click the "Adopt Now" button located directly under the babies picture and you will be directed to a self check out link where you can pay a deposit and instantly reserve a specific baby.....

 or you can text Morgan (520-449-7524) which hedgehog you  want to reserve and how you would like to pay) - We can collect the adoption fee via Paypal, Apple pay, Venmo, Cash app, Zelle, Or a Square Emailed Link.


  Once your deposit is paid, the hedgehog will be marked SOLD within minutes and you can proceed to the next step.


  If you do NOT see a baby your heart desires, you can easily wait until the next litter is posted online.

Step Two 

We are unlike most breeders.  We have habitat expectations!
Our goal is to find forever homes for these fun little hedgehoge and we believe that the key to a happy hedgehog is their home! 
So first and foremost you must have an
appropriate sized habitat!

 We know finding the right habitat that is "Hedgie Approved" can be time consuming and can be so challenging! 

Most pet stores sell hamster cages that are way too small, or Chinchilla and Ferret cages that have wire flooring and just not enough floor space - these cages are not appropriate for hedgehogs.

But don't worry,  we are here to help!


You do not need to purchase a habitat from us, but you do need to provide adequate housing prior to bringing your new baby home! 

If you have an existing habitat or plan to purchase a habitat on your own... 

We respectfully request that you text or email pictures with dimensions for Habitat approval. 

If for any reason, your cage is not Hedgie friendly, we will work with you until

it is hedgie stamped approved   :)

Hedgehog Habitat Approval Check list 

Text Pictures of The complete set up to Morgan at (520)449-7524 

  1. Habitat that is 8 sq ft or larger   (Length x Width = Square footage)​​

  2. 12 inch solid wheel (No wire mesh)

  3. Appropriate bedding (aspen, pine, or paper - NO CEDAR) 

  4. Food and water bowls (No water bottles)

  5. Hide house, igloo or sleep sack 

When submitting your Hedgie habitat pictures for approval, we will need to see your complete hedgie set up.


Here are some examples of what we are wanting to see in your pictues.


A screen shot of your Amazon shopping cart will NOT be approved. 

Step Three 

Hedgie Pick Up

Hedgehogs must be picked up within 7 days of choosing.

We have a flexible adoption calendar, so you let us know a day

and time that works best for you. 

Due to Covid19, we are doing all adoptions online. We have posted pictures and videos of all our hedgehogs available for adoption to help show physical markings and personalities. 

IF you have ordered a habitat kit from us, we will have the cage and accessories shipped directly to your address for your convenience. If you have elected to go through our habitat approval process, we will require your habitat and accessories to be approved by 8pm the night prior to your hedgie pick up appt.



All of my hedgehogs are family pets first. 


Every hedgie has been socialized since birth and have their own unique personalities.


  I breed healthy socialized hedgehogs with healthy lines.  

To prevent irresponsible breeding,

all customers will be required to sign a strict no breeding policy. 

The only exception is to a licensed breeder (Paperwork is Required)  

  We offer anyone who purchases from Tucson Hedgehogs a LIFETIME SUPPORT GUARANTEE! 

We have stayed in touch with lots and lots of families over the years.  We gladly answer any questions you have and will assist  you in any way possible. 


All babies have Lifetime "Come back Home" 

 "Is a deposit required or can we just drop by to look?"

​We have been asked many times over the years if someone can hold off on paying a deposit and just come and look and ask questions to decide if they want to purchase a hedgehog and due to our busy family schedules we respectfully decline. 


 I believe a deposit shows your intent.... Your commitment to purchase.

so their is no risk to you if you are truly interested in purchasing a baby hedgehog.    

We request for you to do your own research and make that decision on your own..... We are not here to convince you to purchase a baby hedgehog.  


  We recommend attending an exotic pet fair.  They are held around Phoenix and Tucson several times a year.... We recommend doing as much research as you can so you can make the  decision for you and your family.

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