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Welcome to Tucson Bearded Dragons

How Can We Help You?

Do Dragons smell?

No, Bearded Dragons do not smell.  However, their poop does and should be removed from the cage daily.


Do Dragons bite?

We have not once been bitten by any of our Dragons. However, if you try to hand feed , you will run the risk of a greedy Dragon. 


Do they get along with other pets?

My Dragons all coexist in the same household with our 2 cats and 4 dogs.

My curious cats & dogs each had a sniff or two and then moved on.  We do not allow the dogs or cats to chase the dragons. We allow the dragons to be at floor height and our cats LOVE watching them. For safety reasons, I recommend supervision.


Do Dragons require vet care?

Vaccinations are not required. Some Reptile owners still choose to have an annual health or wellness exam. ​

Can Dragons go outside?

Yes!  Play time outside is encouraged if the temperature is over 70 degrees but not higher then 100. Dragons love the direct sunlight but shadows can be scary. Birds in Arizona is a threat as well.

Any outside dragon play time, supervision is a must!


 Also you must pay attention to the ground temp... common sense, if you can walk barefoot then its safe for your pet.


Should I have more than one Dragon?

Dragons are solitary animals by nature, so they prefer to live alone.

Dragons can live comfortably in seperate habitats in the same residence. However, Males can become very agressive if they can sense a female in the same residence.   


How long do bearded dragons live?

Bearded Dragons live 7-12 years depending on quality of husbandry, lighting, socializing, diet, and amount of exercise.


Can we come visit?

Dragons, Hedgehogs, and puppies are  so cute and so many people want to come visit and play with them. 


 However, our family time is important to us. 

We are here to help at every corner!

 We have videos, pictues, and tons of store products to help set you up for sucsess.

We Believe it is Your Responsibility to do your research and decide if a dragon is best for your family.


We are not here to Convince you to adopt. 

 When you have made the decision to adopt, we will then setup an adoption appointment with you.


However, If you are just a looky- loo ....please do it at a zoo :) 

Frequently Asked Questions

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