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Grooming / Bathing / Itching / Dry Skin
​Hedgehogs are fairly clean animals, but like any pet, they

do need occasional grooming.  I recommend bathing your

hedgehog at least once a week.  Fill a sink with 3-4 inches

of warm to hot water and use a toothbrush to gently brush

the quills and feet clean. Make sure to get under the toenails

as litter can get stuck.   Plain water is all that is needed, but

a drop of Dawn dish soap is okay too. Dry your hedgehog off with a towel when finished and keep warm.  If you notice your hedgehog is itching and scratching excessively then add a teaspoon or so of Aveeno oatmeal bath powder (available at Target) to the bathwater. At different seasonal times of the year, a hedgehog can show dry flaky feet and ears,  a remedy for that is a little coconut oil rubbed on them will help sooth the itcheys away.

Toe Nail Care

Nail trims should be done  as needed.

Most often the front nails are worn down from running on the wheel but back nails can grow uncomfortably long.  A human nail trimmer can be used.  Cut only the tips to avoid the quick.  

Tucson Hedgehogs Grooming Options 

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