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Tucson Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Food 

In the past we have always heard that hedgehogs require a diet that is high in protein and low in fat.

We originally had been told that high quality cat foods should list ingredients such as real meat, like chicken, lamb, or turkey, as the first ingredient. We had insisted a hedgehog’s best diet depended on high quality cat food and that, avoided foods that have fillers such as corn, wheat, rice. A high-quality cat food that listed clearly a meat by-product as the first ingredient on the list.

I would recommend to all families adopting from us specific brands:  Blue Wilderness Chicken for Kitten that is high protein/low fat. 

However, over the last several years and tons of Veterinarian professional recommendations, we have understood the damage that processed crunchy cat food has on our little hedgehogs’ intestines, kidneys and livers.

Now, instead of recommending that cat food be the main ingredient, and that the dried or live insects be a supplement to the hedgehogs’ diets…. we have completely reversed that and have made insects as their main course!

 With help from our local veterinarians, we created a fantastic, healthy, and more natural blend of insectivore food that is a hedgie and veterinarian favorite.

This Hedgie Grub has everything you need. 


Since the food change over, we find that our hedgehogs are now living significantly longer and healthier lives with less vet visits /problems especially later in life. 

We encourage all hedgehog families to do the same!!!

We have made a special QR code for easy re-order, Bulk orders for those who wanqt to get ahead, and our monthly “Subscribe and Forget” that we mail it out daily. 

Tucson Hedgehogs Insectivore Diet Options 

Hedgie Dried Treats!

Hedgie Live Treats!

Hedgehog Food and Water Bowls 

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