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Tucson Dried Black Solsier Fly Larvae Treat


This treat is high in calcium and sustainably grown in North America.


These dried critters are also referred to as phoenix worms, soldier worms, calci-worms, sunworms, or nutri-grubs. They are a fantastic treat for insectivores.


We believe that a proper balanced diet is the ultimate healthiest lifestyle choice for any pet.


Ingredients: dried soldier fly larvae


This BSFL Treat Tray it is Not meant to be a hedgie’s daily food source.


We researched and created a balanced hedgehog medley of healthy ingredients, that are aimed and based specifically on a hedgehog’s nutritional needs and requirements - check out our “Tucson Hedgehogs Insectivore Grub” -


Our hedgie food containers are airtight, allowing our Insectivore Grub to have a 5 year Shelf-Life.


We allow local pick-ups or we can ship Anywhere!!

Tucson Hedgehogs Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Treat

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