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Thank You For Your Interest in Becoming a Tucson Hedgehog Hoglett Foster Parent 

What do I have to do?

Our Hoglett Foster Parents number one job is to love them and provide the basic hedge needs. Meaning: maintaining clean habitats, providing food and water daily, and giving adiquate attention and affection.

The only other thing we ask of you is to do a quick text every few weeks to let me know how the hoglett is doing. 


How Much Does It Cost? 

We Will Provide any training and assistance our fosters need! 

All Hoglett Donations ( Food, worms, bedding, fleece pouches, etc ) when received, will be divided out between all the foster families. 

The Foster Family will then be responsible for maintaining the habitat and Hoglett's need. 

In the event there is Vet care needed, contact us and we will personally take the sick Hoglett to their doctor at VCA Valley Animal and Emergency.

Tucson Hedgehogs Foster Program 

Thanks for submitting!

We Will Be In Touch With You Shortly 

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