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Tucson Hedgehogs


Can hedgehogs be potty trained?

Yes!  My mamas litter train their babies.... It is currently in progress


Do hedgehogs smell?

No, hedgehogs do not smell.  However, their poop does and should be removed from the cage daily.


Do hedgehogs bite?

We have not once been bitten by any of our hedgehogs. Hedgehogs do have a mouth full of teeth, but this is not their first choice of defense. Hedgehogs have fragile teeth and would prefer not to bite a human. They will first attempt communitcation with the Quills, Huffing, Puffing, and "Popcorning" 


Do they get along with other pets?

My hedgehogs coexist in the same household with our 2 cats and 4 dogs. My curious cats & dogs each got their nose poked and instantly learned to stay away from the hedgehogs. For safety reasons, I recommend supervision.


Do hedgehogs require vet care?

Vaccinations are not required. Some hedgehog owners still choose to have an annual health or well exam. ​

Can hedgehogs go outside?

Yes!  Play time outside is encouraged if the temperature is over 70 degrees but not higher then 80. Hedgehogs prefer shade vs. direct sunlight and supervision is a must.  Also you must pay attention to the ground temp... common sense, if you can walk barefoot then its safe for hedge.


Should I have more than one hedgehog?

Male Hedgehogs are solitary animals by nature, so they prefer to live alone. However, females live comfortably together as playmates when they come from the same litter and have always had each other as a companion.


 I have heard from many of my past families that had adopted sister babies that the transition was very easy and the bond seems to last.  

When housing two girls together, a second wheel is needed so each gets the appropriate amount of exercise.   


How long do hedgehogs live?

Hedgehogs live 5-7 years depending on quality of food and amount of exercise.


Can Hedgehogs use a water bottle?

No!!! Hedgehogs should use a water bowl.  They do not suck and often times they use their teeth to try to chew on the metal tube which can cause their teeth to break. 


Can we come visit?

Hedgehogs are cute and so many want to come visit and play with them, however working in the veterinarian emergency field I have a very busy schedule. I would prefer for you to do your research and when you have made the decision to purchase than I would love to setup an adoption appointment with you. However, If you are just a looky- loo ....please do it at a zoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

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