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Our Tucson Hedgehogs “ Premium Hedgie Nutrient Blocks” are made in house and are made to order.

These “ Premium Hedgie Nutrient Blocks” are specifically for Hedgehog nutritional needs.

We call these suet blocks “ premium” because they are filled with the absolute BEST ingredients to ensure your hedgie is getting high in energy AND nutrition. These contain absolutely no fillers and are made from only the highest quality of beef suet, and dried mealworms

These “ Premium Hedgie Nutrient Blocks” are excellent in helping provide your hedgie with the nutritional boost they need.

Our suet blocks are also available in different flavors and a variety of fun shapes. They are free from preservatives and dyes.

The blocks are individually wrapped for freshness and have a:

- 7 days use after opening and thawing

- One month shelf-life - kept sealed and kept in the refrigerator

- One entire year - kept sealed and frozen

Ingredients: Ingredients:

- Wheat Flour, Beef Fat, Dried Mealworms. - Wheat Flour, Beef Fat (25%), Seeds (Millet Seed, Rapeseed, Linseed), Mealworm (0.4%).

Typical Analysis: Fat 29%, Protein 14%, Moisture 4.1%, Fibre 1.9%, Ash 0.7%

Does not contain palm oil-

Premium Hedgie Nutrient Blocks

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