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The adoption of any of our pets, will come with a Lifetime Tech Support

Little Bit About Us 

Thank you for your interest in these very unique pets! 

My name is Morgan, I have been an Emergency Vet Technician since 2010. specializing in emergency medicine. Working with a wide array of animals from birds, pigs, ferrits, owls, and so much more! 

I have been a exotic pet owner for the last 15 years. 

We have been breeding hedgehogs since 2012, Mini Aussie Puppies since 2018, Bearded Dragonas 2021, and starting 2022 we will be introducing our LIVE bug colonies!!

We moved here from the Frozen North (Minnesota) to Sunny Arizona in 2017.

I started down the hedgie breeding road due to the desire to eliminate the back yard breeders and to help create an extremely friendly and healthy line of docile Hogletts. 

Lets Talk Baby Hedgehogs! 

I strive to produce quality healthy baby hedgehogs that are very loved, socialized, and free from any genetic health issues.

Our baby hedgies are raised in our home and cared for by me and my family to become a wonderful pet for you and yours. We start socializing our littles before their eyes are even open! By the time our hog babies are 8 weeks old and available for adoption, they almost demand the human affection. 

They are all very socialized with lots and lots of time outside of their habitat and included in the family's daily activities.

All our hedgehogs are individually handled by adults, children and are all introduced to a wide variety of other animals.

Our Hedgehogs make wonderful class pets, fantastic family members, and amazing emotional support pets!


We do Offer a %5 adoption discount on all class pet adoptions 

What About That Hoglett Rescue?


Our Rescue family is composed of wonderful volunteer members that provide loving homes for hedgie in need. We as a hog family strive to provide second chances for all our rescued and rehabilitated hogletts!


How the hog rescue all started....

Within the first few months living here in AZ my eyes were open to the need of a hedgie rescue. While I was working weekend overnights in the emergency room, downtown Tucson, sadly I saw a high amount of hedgies surrenders and even outright abandoned. 

I then set out to create a Hoglett safe place  and a second chance for those pokey kiddos. A place where someone will take the time and teach even the most fearful and poky hedgie, that with patience and love creates a well adjusted, social, and confident hedgie. 

This is when Tucson Hedgehogs Rescue and Rehabilitation was created! 

The Tucson Hedgie Rehab Hogletts are handled daily by our Foster Mums and Dads! 

We take pride in our Hedgehogs that we breed and Rehabilitate. There happiness and health are our first priority.

We offer a $50 discount on all rescue and rehabilitated hog's adoption fee and a "go home bag" of the hogs personal belongings. 


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