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This popular kitchen herb is also a pretty good option for your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

Basil grows best outdoors, but with care and high-quality lighting, it is possible to get it to thrive indoors (such as in your dragon’s enclosure) too. Basil typically grows best when kept relatively warm, making it pretty well-suited for use in a terrarium.

Basil is native to the humid regions of Southeast Asia, which is obviously not very similar to your bearded dragon’s habitat.

However, the plant does not tolerate wet roots very well, so the quick drainage your bearded dragon’s substrate provides will usually allow you to give it enough water to survive.

Your bearded dragon may represent the biggest threat to the plant, as he may find the leaves tasty. Basil isn’t toxic to your lizard, but he may consume it more quickly than the plant can tolerate. xic.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum

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