Tucson Hedgehogs basic black canvas habitat kit A.

Let your small pet cozy up in the All Living Things Penthouse. 

Cage dimensions - 47 in L x 24 in W x 14 in H (119 x 60.9 x 35.5 cm)

 8 square feet of living space; Waterproof canvas liner with antimicrobial and stain-resistant protection

All of our habitat kits come with: 
Aspen bedding
12 inch jumbo running wheel
Hand made fleece snuggle sack
Low dust cat litter 
Litter cleaning scoop 
Food and water dish 

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Designed for easy access and interaction, this penthouse cage features simple, no-tool assembly. Set up your friend's home in no time so you can focus on enjoying the fun and cuddle moments together!

Black Basic Canvas A Full Hedgie Kit