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Specifically designed for small pets, carefresh pet bedding is sustainably made from scratch with pillowy-soft, ultra-absorbent natural paper fiber. 

This bedding,is natural small animal bedding that provides your pet with a soft, safe, clean and dry place to burrow, nest, and nap. 

Free of harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes, this 99% dust-free high performance bedding is also biodegradable and compostable, meaning clean-up is always quick and easy while ensuring a cleaner, healthier home for your furry friend. 

Treat your beloved pet to the bedding of choice

 uses reclaimed paper fiber and untreated wood from sustainable sources, free of harmful chemicals and other pollutants, and they have been doing it proudly for over 30 years. 

Variations in product, color, texture and size can occor due to our commitment to using sustainable practices to protect the future of our planet.

Care fresh paper Bedding

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