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The VIP Hedgie List, with this deposit, you will be granted first access to ALL Hedgehogs - at any age at any time for an entire year after deposit.

You choose your hedgehog out in person when you’re ready.


This is a wait due to but not limited to…. you needing time to acquire the hedgie supplies, you may be waiting for the perfect hedgie, you may have travel plans coming soon and can’t really commit yet…. etc.

All we need to know from you is if you would like to pick from the boys or girls and your preference on age.

Don’t have your hedgie cage yet?

Don’t worry, we have that covered too.

We have a HUGE variety of hedgie habitat kits that are available for purchase. Any of the hedgie kits can be shipped directly to your address, or can be ready for you the day of your hedgie pick up.

Pictures all seen are of just Some of the ADORABLE hedgehogs that may be available at your turn …. but are not guaranteed to be available.

All sales and adoptions are final

The Hedgehog VIP Reserve

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