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Hedgehog Insectivore Grub

-“Blastin Blueberries” -

This Fruit Combo Includes: Three Containers of our “Blastin Blueberries” Insectivore Grub


As part of a good balance diet for your hedgehog, blueberries, are not only a fantastic additive to your daily meal, but they are more likely to even become your Hedgehog's favorite treat.


Hedgie kiddos enjoy the same benefits as humans do when it comes to having blueberries in their daily diet.


Blueberries contain a large amount of antioxidants, and are considered a super fruit. Blueberries are known to help reduce chances of developing certain types of cancers and heart conditions.


Due to the high amount of sugar within the blueberry, we do not recommend an excessive amount added to their diet, rather a controlled moderation.


We like to consider this a splash or a seasoning to their daily "Insectivore Grub" meal.


Our home-made “Insectivore Grub” is made heavy with dried insects and the absolute best ingredients.


We believe that a proper balanced diet is the ultimate healthiest dietary choice for any pet. We researched and created a balanced hedgehog medley of healthy ingredients, that are aimed and based specifically on a hedgehog’s nutritional needs and requirements.


100% Naturally dried insects with absolutely No Added Colors, Flavors, or Antioxidants. These dried insects are 100% GMO free with no antibiotics, hormones, or added preservatives. All our dried bugs are gut-loaded and then sun-dried or flash freeze-dried to maintain the max nutritional quality.


Ingredients: Dried mealworms, soldier fly, soldier fly larvae, blood worms, river shrimp, chafer beetle, crickets, shinning leaf chafer, darkling beetle, dried chicken meal, high desert bee pollen, dried apple, nutritional yeast, dried whey, vitamin E, vitamin B12, rosemary extract, vitamin A, Yucca extract, and dried plain beet pulp.


Our hedgie food containers are airtight, allowing our Insectivore Grub to have a 5 year Shelf-Life.


We allow local pick-ups or we can ship Anywhere!!

Tucson Hedgehog Insectivore Grub 3pk - “Blastin Blueberries Combo"

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